Nov 062011

So Julia and I are playing hot seat mode in the new Might and Magic Heroes VI. We pick a co-op map, she takes her turn, saves it, sends it to me, I take my turn, save it, send it back, etc. We had quite the enjoyable time doing this with Heroes V for a couple of years. One of the big draws was to have a particularly hot battle and be able to send the saved battle to each other to view. I can remember quite a few times proudly sending off some majorly awesome castle siege battles to her. We are very disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a way to record the battles in Heroes VI. Very disappointed. To us, it is a big missing chunk of game play to not be able to share battles.

I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching game-play videos from various guys who take the time to record the action as they play their games and make somewhat intelligent commentary about it while they are doing it. (I’ll settle for totally hilarious commentary if they can’t must the intelligent commentary). I’ve enjoyed watching some Amnesia play-thrus, Minecraft mod play-thrus and a few L.A. Noire play-thrus. Not only does it allow me to vicariously enjoy some games there is no way I could play (like Amnesia), but I often learn about Easter eggs and strategies by watching.

It dawned on me yesterday that quite some time ago (like last year), I purchased FRAPS Real-time video capture and benchmarking software. I installed it, fiddled with it a little, and then for some reason never used it. So I updated to the latest version yesterday and tested it out in Minecraft. It worked like a champ.

So, for my side, I have resolved the inability to capture battles in Might and Magic Heroes VI. I look forward sometime today or tomorrow capturing my first battle. I also intend to make high use of FRAPS when I start playing Skyrim. I just have to decide whether I want to mute my own voice while I’m recording the game play or whether I think I can muster up intelligent (or at least highly amusing) commentary while I play (and keep the frustrated swearing to a minimum). It will also depend on whether my recorded voice sounds like Donald Duck or not.

If I get some successful game-play recordings, maybe I will upload them to YouTube on my channel and link to them here.


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