Sep 222013

It’s Fall. My favorite season and time of the year. Cool weather. Fall colors. Pumpkin Pie. Thanksgiving. Eventually my birthday. Okay… my birthday is not considered an aspect of the “favorite season” concept, but it is there anyway. And this year my birthday falls right on Thanksgiving Day (US) itself — so mixed feelings for Thanksgiving this year. :D

At any rate, I just wanted to explain the World of Darkness Fan Fiction tab since a few things have changed.

First, I removed Brother Marl (a WoD Dark Ages fan fiction) and Joshua Pursley (actually a Dresden Files Fate System fan fiction). I actually disabled them — not removed them. They were very incomplete — having just been started. I will keep them disabled until I can update them.

Secondly, I am about to complete the first season of Canticle Van Darq. This was a very emotionally-involved character for me and when the season ended, it was with grave upheaval. I sat it aside to “calm down” before finishing the season’s story and got sidetracked subsequently. So I’m ready to complete that Chronicle — which, by the way, was the most awesome WoD Chronicle I have been in as a Player in four years of WoD gaming. Scott Hudson was the Story Teller for our Dead Gamers’ Society and he was simply the best Story Teller I have had so far. So look for the shocking conclusion to Canticle Van Darq’s story (for the moment) sometime in October.

And finally (for now) get ready within a week or two to meet the next character in my WoD fan fiction! Starting in October, after a two-year hiatus from the Vampire Chronicles, I’m rejoining the Dead Gamers’ Society’s Vampire Chronicles for the 2013-2014 season. I will be introducing a new vampire character: Julius Brand. A Gangrel Shepherd in the Ordo Dracul. And, yes, he’ll be another gay vampire. I think I’m going to make that a tradition. Unlike Canticle Van Darq, who was literally two hours old (as a Vampire) when he was flung out onto the streets of Los Angeles — and a total emotional wimp; Julius Brand is an up-and-coming vampire, experienced, sure of himself, and tough — as a Gangrel should be. I should have his background and first session up within a couple days after the first WoD session on the 5th of October.

There will be much sorrow with the William Whyckham Chronicle when it is completed and posted sometime in November. and I need to update Songbird and Jericho Brahms — hopefully by the end of November.

Have a great Fall!


P.S. Oh! I forgot Vincent. He has an update coming too! :D

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